Este-Lvste Amacario Maroons of The Autonomous Party Ministry mission and goals of uniting all of the Marooned Indigenous peoples in the wilderness of North America who have Este-Lvste Lineage. Our mixture is the Aboriginal’s of North America ( Appalachcia ), and Moorish Race/Negro (Exiled). This Maroon Heritage is particularly of the South East region of America. Today those states are Virginia , North & South Carolina , Georgia , Florida , Alabama , Mississippi , and Louisiana. Including those scattered to the adjoining islands called the Caribbean. Our Maroon Heritage have been at constant war, or have had to take refuge in these regions from the time of the American Revolution. Reason we focus on these states is because of our peoples from the time of the Indian Removal Act (1820), we  have been Marooned on our own land politically that we are indigenous too. Our Ancestors that lived between 1820 and 1865 were living an Autonomous lifestyle prior to the Southern Homstead Act of 1866. Good , Bad or Ugly known as Indian territory , Rebel States , Confederate states , or abandoned lands we have been here ! Whichever  they labeled us Free Negros , Runaways ,  Refuges , Freedmen , Free People of Color in territories that was labeled abandoned by Congress who established  the Freedmen Bureau Acts of 1865 and 1866 .

From the Proclamation Emancipation (1865) and the Civil Rights Act of 1866, we who were in the Southern States mentioned above were not protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1866. We didn’t get Civil Rights Act until 1964. We as a people of Este-Lvste Lineage have been marooned from the equality that the constitution was to supposed provide for all said Citizens. In our own land we were treated like exiles and subjects ! Some of our Ancestors on our Moorish side carried this mark of exile from the time of Maran Yeshua Ha Maschiach (Christos Negros) days of living. Called themselves Marrano’s as a sign of the times to understand the lesson given by Maran Yeshua Ha Maschiach  when approached by Rome, and Pharisees. Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s the things that are Caesar’s and to ABBA the things that are ABBA’S ( Matthew 22:21). Today we take from what we have learned from the Maran of Marans in present day time to render what is Congress what is Congress jurisdiction, and be Autonomous with our things within ABBA’S Torah (law) redeemed by Maran Yeshua Ha Mashiach . Our Nation of people is called Este-Lvste Amacario, our race is Maroon, and our Creed is Maranatha ! 




Image (above) Golgatha/Maroon Calvary image 

When Martin Luther King said Ive been to the Mountain Top , we believe he was referring to Golgatha just as Maran Yeshua Ha Mashiach was said to be crucified on ! For he knew the burning house then when Yeshua Ha Mashiach was living was Rome ! At this time it would be Congress of United States of America the New Babylon our Ancestors would become subjects too in their land !   

Golgatha (Aramaic word for Skull ) aka Marooned Calvary/BSB -image 

Golgatha - place where Maran Yeshua Ha Mashiach was said to be crucified. For Golgatha is where the DA’ATH ( Hidden Sefirot) of the spiritual realm that reunites the ten Sefirots of the Tree of Life in the Zohar , it denotes the Golgatha as the Highest Dimension of the Tree of Life, which in Kabbalistic terms is the Kether (Crown) of the Golgatha given the connection to the ABBA (Source ) ! 


Image ( Above ) Tree of Life of the Este-Lvste Amacario Maroons 


The Autonomous Party Ministries community called Maroonville is a Sanctuary, for Este-Lvste Amacario Maroons & Marooned Aboriginal peoples of the America’s to be in union with each other to become the most highly exalted nation of people on earth. Today we come together not in refuge as our Ancestors were but in the name of Maran Yeshua Ha Maschiach teachings of redemption in YASHAR’EL . Our Maranatha creed has shown us that in ( Ezekiel 11:16 ) True, I removed them far away among the counties, nevertheless, I have a little sanctuary for them in the countries which they have gone . For within our Sanctuary (Maroonville), we no longer divide ourselves by the outside ways of the world that divided us in our own land we call home here in the wilderness of North America today . 

This is shown also in our Maranatha Creed in ( Ezekiel 37:23 ) Neither shall they defile themselves anymore with their idols, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions, but I will save them out of all dwelling places , wherein they have sinned, and cleanse them : so shall they be my people, and I will be their ABBA (God) !

For the union ( Yechidah ) with the ABBA, is a divine path walked called YASHAREL , for Enoch (Gen 5:21-25) was the original blueprint of humanity walking with the ABBA. It was Yakov aka (YASHAR’EL) son of Isaac that called the name of the place Pineal, saying for I have seen ABBA face to face, and yet my life has been delivered. It was  Maran Yeshua Ha Mashiach that was said to be crucified  at a place called Golgatha (Matthew 27:33). For the Heart is said to have to be light as a Pinion (feather) , to enter into kingdom of the ABBA (Matthew 11:30) . For us Este-Lvste Amacario Maroons we shall follow the path left for us to redeem ourselves and put ourselves back on the path of YASHAR’EL ! Freeing ones self is redeeming ones self , for that is the Autonomous thing to do ! If not our campaign would be in vain , because our motto as at The Autonomous Party Ministry is The Hearts Reality Is Live Life Autonomously by the ABBA !